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ASX Announcements

    MYD Delivers Another Record Year and Annual Calendar  
    MYD FY21 Results Presentation  
    Appendix 4E and Full Year Statutory Accounts  
    MYDEAL Refreshes Brand Identity  
    Quarterly Activities/Appendix 4C Cash Flow Report  
    MyDeal Delivers Another Record Year with Gross Sales Up 111%  
    Change of Director's Interest Notice x 4  
    Appendix 3G - Options  
    MYD Issue of Options Under Employee Incentive Plan  
    MYD Appoints Ryan Gracie as Chief Marketing Officer  
    MyDeal Launches Native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android  
    Appendix 4C - quarterly  
    S&P DJI Announces March 2021 Quarterly Rebalance  
    Change of Director's Interest Notice - P Greenberg  
    MYD H1FY21 Investor Presentation  
    MYD Commentary on H1 FY21 Results  
    Half Yearly Report and Accounts  
    Half Year Financial Results Release Timing and Call Details  
    Appendix 4C and Quarterly Report  
    MYD announces CFO Appointment  
    MyDeal Delivers Record November - Market Update  
    Change of Director's Interest Notice - P Greenberg  
    MYD Investor Presentation  
    Initial Director's Interest Notice x 4  
    Becoming a substantial holder  
    Becoming a substantial holder x 3  
    MYD lists on ASX following strongly supported IPO  
    Pre-Quotation Disclosure Statement  
    Despatch Confirmation  
    Top 20 Shareholders  
    Distribution Schedule  
    Securites Trading Policy  
    Corporate Governance Statement  
    Equity Incentive Plan  
    Audited Accounts-FY2020 and FY2019  
    Appendix 1A and Information Form & Checklist  
    Admission and Commencement of Official Quotation